• himalayan enclosure

    Edward Jones, himalayan enclosure, wood, bees, balsam, 9ft h, 22 w

  •  folly

    Edward Jones, folly, wood, foam, fibre glass, 10m h, 15 w 5 d

  • gills

    Edward Jones, gills, red oynx, 20 w, 10h

  • scream 2

    Edward Jones, scream 2, alabaster, 10" w 22" h

Edward Jones MRBS

  • Contact: 07969 504 819
  • Website:

My artwork revels in the manipulation of materials and processes chosen, often referencing critical social and spatial contexts with site and subject being of consideration.

Born in 1981 I graduated from Falmouth college of arts in 2004. Through working along side influential artists Ray Exworth and Nigel Slight I am a multi disciplinary artist with awards in photography, film, literature, and sculpture.

Ed Jones work is characterised by ambition, risk taking, and a strong sense of art history’s impact on his practice within the post modern ethos.
He is adept in detailed and complex explorations of creative possibilities afforded by strategic changes in mode and methodologies, without submitting to obvious stylistic conventions, topical or otherwise.

Nigel Slight RA
April 2014

  • Categories: Architectural/Monumental/Relief
  • Materials: Mixed media
  • Location: South West