• Orange Stack

    Donise English, Orange Stack, Paper,wax, steel, 178x15x15 cm

  • Small Grey Stack

    Donise English, Small Grey Stack, Paper,wax, steel, 193x10x10 cm

  • Small Red/Blue Stack

    Donise English, Small Red/Blue Stack, Paper,wax, wood, 68.5x7.5x7.5 cm

  • 15 Shapes

    Donise English, 15 Shapes, Paper, wax, 190 cm

Donise English MRBS

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My works are constructed of hand-painted, encaustic soaked paper that I stitch together to form multiple similarly shaped components. Each individual unit varies slightly in shape and hue from any other unit, but when all of the units are assembled together, you see and experience both an overall unity of form and the discrete units. The visually expressed hand sewn construction of translucent paper simultaneously evokes a sense of weightless instability and fragility that is contradicted by the apparent mass of the objects.

The process of working with hand stitched paper soaked in wax allows me to explore my ongoing interest in the sense of touch and the way that it embeds itself in, and indelibly records, human involvement in an object’s making.

I live and work in upstate New York where I am also a Professor of Studio Art at Marist College.

  • Categories: Abstract
  • Materials: Mixed media, Wood/Paper
  • Location: Rest of the World