• Embryonic Volume III

    Deveren Bowman, Embryonic Volume III , Carrara marble, 68.5 x 41 x 51 cm

  • Fertile Volume I

    Deveren Bowman, Fertile Volume I , Cornish Limestone, 33 x 43 x 43 cm

  • Liminal Connector II

    Deveren Bowman, Liminal Connector II , Magnesium Limestone, 123 x 30 x 22 cm

  • Molecular Stillness

    Deveren Bowman, Molecular Stillness , Alkerton and Red St. Bees, 41 x 104 x 24 cm

Deveren Bowman MRBS

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A Europe-based sculptor working primarily in stone and cast bronze.

Experiences of the elements on a deep level, a result of years living at sea, have provided me with a passion for air, water, and minerals. I approach my materials intuitively, and by a process of distillation, seek to reduce element and context to the purest aspects. The result can appear to be ‘traditional’ object making, but to me the object is not representative of reality, it is reality ‘being seen’. The interior, the surface and the surrounding space all exchange information and form new ideas in relationship. The precise and sensitive way in which all these elements interact can reveal a dynamic beyond reality.  A work speaks at that moment, the moment of molecular stillness.

  • Categories: Other
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: Europe