• Celebrating Re-invention

    David Booth, Celebrating Re-invention, 45,000 balloons, aluminium bar, steel support, 14ft(h)x6ft(w)x4ft(d)

  • Sometimes You Dont See

    David Booth, Sometimes You Dont See, Linoleum, Steel support, 12ft(h)x8ft(w)x10ft(d)

  • Exploring Flow

    David Booth, Exploring Flow, Vinyl Flooring, aluminum bar, 10ft(h)x15ft(w)x6ft(d)

  • PlaceMatters

    David Booth, PlaceMatters, Florescent Perspex, 4ft(h)x30ft(w)x10ft(d)

David Booth MRBS

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Booth works on producing a challenging response to material, space, and context. He enjoys responding to the challenge of site-specific projects.

Booth selects processes which require him to make decisions intuitively and instinctively, trusting, evaluating, disrupting, destroying, and constructing. This immersive process consciously and unconsciously absorbs him during the creation of the work. Booth draws on references to growth, journey, escape, time, combining this with transformative use of the material as reference to re-invention, often exploiting the natural association of his chosen material to strengthen the context of the work. Producing the aesthetic of organic movement, fluidity, repetition, layers. Sculptural materials have included 45000 balloons, 100000 beermats, and linoleum.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Bronze, Mixed media, Other
  • Location: East Midlands