• "Hyde Park Kashan 1862", 2011, textile intervention

    David Alesworth, "Hyde Park Kashan 1862", 2011, textile intervention , Restored hand-knotted Kashan rug, dyed sheep's-wool embroidery, 354 x 238 cm

  • "Garden Palimpsest", 2010

    David Alesworth, "Garden Palimpsest", 2010 , Restored hand-knotted Kerman rug, dyed sheep's-wool embroidery, 324 x 238 cm

  • "Domestic Discplacement- Dining Room", 2010

    David Alesworth, "Domestic Discplacement- Dining Room", 2010 , Passivated zinc-plated mild-steel, Variable, room-sized interchangeable units

  • "Event Horizon" Satellite Dish, 2004

    David Alesworth, "Event Horizon" Satellite Dish, 2004 , Satellite dish, glass-impregnated 3M reflective automobile tape, mixed-media, 284 x 183 cm

David Alesworth MRBS

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Based in Lahore, Pakistan for the past 23 years. Enduring concerns include the post-colonial, nuclearization, environmental degregation and obsolete technologies.

Picker Fellowship, Kingston University, UK             1980-1981
Transart Institute, Berlin/NYC, MFA New Media             2007-2010
Associate Professor S.V.A., BNU, Lahore             2006- onwards

Exhibitions include:
“New Contemporaries” ICA, ACGB, UK             1978
“Hayward Annual” A.C.G.B., London UK                     1982
“7th National Exhibition” PNCA, Islamabad                 1996
“Container 96”: Copenhagen, Denmark                 1996
“Selected Pakistani Artists”, Birmingham, UK               1996
“The Third Asia Pacific Trienniale”, Brisbane, Australia         1999
“The Millennium Art Show”, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi         1999
“Site of Substance” National Gallery of Art, Islamabad           2007
“Automaton Love” Loft Gallery, Mumbai, India             2010
“Gardens of Babel” solo, Rhotas-2 Gallery, Lahore           2011

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Metal (other)
  • Location: Rest of the World