• wolf, 2009

    Daniel Blom, wolf, 2009 , Plastic & Steel, 157 x 62 x 73 cm

  • the tropic of Capricorn, 2007

    Daniel Blom, the tropic of Capricorn, 2007 , Plastic, Found Wood & Horn, 100 x 200 x 100 cm

  • birdy, 2010

    Daniel Blom, birdy, 2010 , Plastic, Mixed Media & Steel, 417 x 59 x 68 cm

  • the architect, 2006

    Daniel Blom, the architect, 2006 , Plastic & Steel, 183 x 55 x 30 cm

Daniel Blom MRBS

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Daniel Blom is a London and Cape Town-based installation and figurative sculptor, working mainly in plastic and mixed media.

The body, its particularized components, and some inanimate objects are chosen to translate the concepts of order into sculpture and text. As a unit of visceral and conceptual meaning, it is repeated regularly as a corpus catalogued in the neutral and isolating space of the installation that contributes further to a circumscribed quality so a pure spatial-state may exist.

Functioning illustratively in this closed and introverted system of the installation space where compassion, humour and sadism are not contradictions, the sculpted figure and the complex arrangement and interrelationship of parts that form logical structure that convey process, assign meaning, and manage and resolve ambiguity, are initially penetrative and intrusive, but eventually operate more obscurely and secretively while the description of the work is often in a temporal substance like charcoal or pencil, making it frail and vulnerable to damage and disintegration.

  • Categories: Conceptual
  • Materials: Fiberglass/Plastic/Resin
  • Location: London