• Project Identity: Title - Identity JC2.

    Claire Mc Dermott, Project Identity: Title - Identity JC2. , Chrome, Perspex painted mild steel and aluminium. Chrome and Perspex screen influenced by a mix of classic motorbike/ vesper windscreen., 65 cm H x 50 cm W, 48cm D. Wall hanging.

  • Project Identity: Title - Identity - KA4

    Claire Mc Dermott, Project Identity: Title - Identity - KA4, - curved metal painted dark blue and aluminium petals. The sculpture is attached under a perspex bosun’s chair and suspended by sailing pulleys which are held by a crane that is 214 cm high, 22 cm H x 22 cm W, 42cm D.

  • Title: Just

    Claire Mc Dermott, Title: Just, Copper, white paint and wooden ball., Installation: 10 sq meters

  • Project Identity: sence

    Claire Mc Dermott, Project Identity: sence, Mother of Pearl ceramic seed head, coppice hazel stakes, bicycle inner tube, plastic, 112cm H x 30cm W 23cm D.

Claire Mc Dermott MRBS

Mc Dermott’s artwork is based on botanical sculpture/installation/photography and illustration by creating a body of work around a particular flower. She allows the subject to lead her into new directions as she explores the essence of nature.

The concept behind Claire Mc Dermott’s artwork is based on spent anatomy of flowers. She asks us what do we know about plants? She reflects on what has been planted in our consciousness verses our deep experience of plants.

With her detailed paintings and drawings of flowers, on the wane, her hope is that we re-see, beyond our prejudices, an image of something unfamiliar: unfamiliar because the flowers in her paintings are both magnified and spent, an unfamiliar combination for the viewer. 

Her current project titled ‘Identity’ derives from spent Michaelmas daisies. She felt that these paintings needed to have an intimate space with the viewer and so made a deep leather, tactile, sculptural surround to entice the viewer to look in. The intention is for the viewer to feel the ‘personal space’ of each of the painting. To have a private view of their own and to be lost within their own thoughts and imagination just as the artist did when looking at them down a microscope.

The meeting between Mc Dermott’s paintings and sculpture is located at the formation of petals when those petals progress into contorted yet exquisite forms, captivating yet unnoticed: drawing us into the wider social issue regarding what we might consider deformed and what we accept as ‘beauty’ within the distortion. 

Her adaptations of plants continue through drawn studies and researches into their ecology and habitat, while she transforms her findings through sculpture. These contemporary sculptures with her symbolic components reflect and incorporate her urban environment so the viewer does not have to be a plant lover in order to find interesting elements within the artwork. 

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Conceptual, Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Mixed media, Steel, Metal (other)
  • Location: London