• 10 elements, 2009

    Carole Hodgson, 10 elements, 2009 , Cellulose fibre, pigment, scrim, 281 x 78 x 72 cm

  • barrier, 2010

    Carole Hodgson, barrier, 2010 , Cement, plaster, stone, 51 x 38 x 13 cm

  • vertical light map IV (Hampstead Hospice commission), 2010

    Carole Hodgson, vertical light map IV (Hampstead Hospice commission), 2010 , Cellulose fibre, pigment, Italian aluminium leaf, 94 x 102 x 14 cm

  • marathon, 2006

    Carole Hodgson, marathon, 2006 , Bronze, 11 x 29 x 5 cm

Carole Hodgson FRBS

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The Hampstead Hospice commission used from a more recent practice that evolved from journeys, mapping and light.

All the works come from intense observations and responses to the figure, (student days and Rome Bursary) the landscape (experienced on journeys and Wales), architecture and still life objects. Hodgson aims to transform her responses into inventive, physical equivalents that express and communicate with a power with which they were felt. Forms have been abstracted to reveal forces, systems, relationships, connections, leaving the essence and sense of the subject to be discovered. There is a hope that when the sculptures are seen verbal explanations are not an important requirement.

  • Categories: Other
  • Materials: Brick/Concrete/Plaster
  • Location: London