• For Elise, 2010

    Brigitte Jurack, For Elise, 2010 , Polyester resin, 55 x 280 x 280cm

  • Die Tangente berührt den Kreis in genau einem Punkt, 2010

    Brigitte Jurack, Die Tangente berührt den Kreis in genau einem Punkt, 2010 , Timber, plastic, wax and plaster, 280 x 35 x 110cm

  • Untitled, 2008

    Brigitte Jurack, Untitled, 2008 , Ceramic, 24 x 36 x 36cm

  • Two girls (waiting), 2009

    Brigitte Jurack, Two girls (waiting), 2009 , Ceramic, 160 x 110 x 240cm

Brigitte Jurack MRBS

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Brigitte Jurack is a Liverpool-based sculptor working in temporary and permanent sculpture and performance art.

Brigitte Jurack’s combination of figurative sculpture and socially-engaged performances have found critical acclaim in a series of exhibitions in Britain and abroad. Not fixed to a particular material or process, Jurack’s more recent work emphasises the importance of play as both modus operandi and hermeneutical key. Previous works questioned the relationship between sculpture, photography, memory and place in the context of the artist as an international globetrotter. Jurack has exhibited widely and has a Meisterschüler from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art. As founding member of acclaimed artists’ group Foreign Investment, she has presented work at Venice, Liverpool and Istanbul Biennials. “Jurack’s practice consistently creates an accessible pathway for the public to participate and respond to her projects, they generate an experience which brings the public into the process of animating her sculptures” (Janice Hough, Irish Museum of Modern Art).

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Brick/Concrete/Plaster
  • Location: North West