• Family Portrait Commission

    Brian Alabaster, Family Portrait Commission , Bronze, Life-Size

  • Life-Size Hereford Bull in Hereford City Center, 2012

    Brian Alabaster, Life-Size Hereford Bull in Hereford City Center, 2012 , Bronze , 180 x 280 cm

  • Fragment

    Brian Alabaster, Fragment , Bronze, h. 120 cm

  • Florence Dancing

    Brian Alabaster, Florence Dancing , Bronze, h. 210 cm

Brian Alabaster MRBS

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Brian works mainly on life-size whole figure portraits of adults and children. His works are cast in bronze in his own foundry.

Suffolk-based Brian Alabaster is one of the country’s leading figurative sculptors. His work, produced mainly in bronze, comprises portraiture - particularly of children - as well as natural life and objects. All of his sculptures are modelled from life. Finished pieces are to be found in private and public collections.

Alabaster finds his inspiration from a variety of sources: the countryside, natural rock or fossil formations and ancient classic ceramics. But it is his love of the human form that has produced, and continues to inform, his most favoured and most collected works. A father of three sons, the earliest of his sculptures featured his own children, and these have remained constant favourites both of the artist and his audience.

Alabaster undertakes every stage of production himself, from modelling the clay maquettes to the final casting in moulten metal.

  • Categories: Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: East of England