• Boris Krylov, , Granite, bronze., 10 meters.

  • Jesus Christ.

    Boris Krylov, Jesus Christ., Marble.

  • Collage of relieves and ornaments.

    Boris Krylov, Collage of relieves and ornaments.

  • Decorative frame for niche

    Boris Krylov, Decorative frame for niche, Onix

Boris Krylov MRBS

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I am a Ukraine-based sculptor specialising in monumental and commemorative statues.

I graduated from the Ukranian National Academy of Arts and Architeture in 1999 with Honors.

Since then, I have been creating monumental sculptures. These include commemmorative historical figures, park sculptures, plaques, sculptures to decorate the interiors of public buildings, among others.

  • Categories: Portraiture, Political/Religious, Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Granite/Marble/Stone, Other
  • Location: Europe