• Discovery

    Barbara Foster, Discovery , Bronze, h. 49 cms

  • Pan the Herald

    Barbara Foster, Pan the Herald , Bronze, h. 152 cm

  • Conductor

    Barbara Foster, Conductor , Bronze, h. 28 cm

  • Pan Proclaimer

    Barbara Foster, Pan Proclaimer , Steel wire, h. 120 cm

Barbara Foster MRBS

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Barbara is a London-based figurative sculptor working in bronze, cement and metal

Barbara’s work derives from childhood experiences growing up in the rocky landscape of the North of England.  Originally identifying with the characteristics of mountain goats,  they have become more then sure-footed animals. They are now social symbols as well. They prance, dance and precariously balance and have taken to playing the violin and reading books, civilising influences to counteract the beast’s dubious reputation. She sees them as a fusion of body and spirit as in pre-Christian Greek mythology, and a symbol of independence. Originally concentrating on the human figure, Foster freely admits goats have taken over. “They remind me of how I was as a child on the Yorkshire moors. I find it easy to express myself through the animal. The goat is so much a representation of myself”.
Linda Talbot
Art Critic

  • Categories: Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Metal (other)
  • Location: London