• The Waiting

    Anna Gillespie, The Waiting, Plaster, mixed media, resin, Seven life-size seated figures

  • What It Takes

    Anna Gillespie, What It Takes, Plaster, mixed media, Eleven life-size figures

  • The Collector

    Anna Gillespie, The Collector, Plaster, mixed media, Lifesize figure

  • Befalls The Earth

    Anna Gillespie, Befalls The Earth, Plaster, bitumen, concrete blocks, mixed media, Lifesize figure

Anna Gillespie MRBS

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Anna Gillespie is a contemporary British figurative sculptor. Over the last 10 years her work has focused on capturing the feeling of immersion in nature. More recently it has shifted to an exploration of a more alienated and urban human experience.

Born in 1964, Anna Gillespie studied Philosophy, Politics & Economics at Wadham College, Oxford and then International Relations at the London School of Economics. In 1988 Anna returned to sculpture training in Stone Masonry and Carving before working at Centro d’Arte, Verrocchio, Italy as studio assistant to sculptor Nigel Konstam. Anna then completed an MA in Fine and Media Arts. She now lives and works in the South West of England and is represented by the Beaux Arts galleries in Bath and London. Anna Gillespie has work is in the collections of The Prudential, Burghley House Sculpture Park, The Somerset Museum, Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia, Bodrum Sculpture Park Turkey and also in private collections throughout America, the Middle East, and Europe. 

Recent visits to Africa and America have shifted Gillespie’s focus from the natural environment near her home to the way in which humans are influenced by the man-made environment and our interaction as a species with the planet. This new work, whilst it may appear to draw on current events, seeks to draw parallels with the historical experience of people and their movements across the surface of the Earth through the ages.

In the work created from locally found organic tree material the individual was subsumed by the experience of melding with nature – all of us fundamentally the same and yet no two alike. In the new works the individual is lost within the built environment, individuality being almost unrecognisable within the mass of humanity that we now face ourselves being part of. Despite these political aspects to Gillespie’s work, one senses that the figures she creates are also deeply personal.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Mixed media, Found Objects
  • Location: South West