• Toxic evolution /Anthreelope

    Alvaro Soler Arpa, Toxic evolution /Anthreelope, Bones / trash / others, 2,5m x 3,5m aprox.

  • Craniums, bull tribute

    Alvaro Soler Arpa, Craniums, bull tribute, Bone / textile, 85cm x 85cm x 85cm aprox.

  • Craniums, bull tribute

    Alvaro Soler Arpa, Craniums, bull tribute, Bone, 85cm x 85cm x 85cm aprox.

  • phonemet

    Alvaro Soler Arpa, phonemet, fiberglass, 35cm x 35cm x 45cm aprox.

Alvaro Soler Arpa MRBS

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Working with bones over the last 7 years has been a way to get in full contact with nature and anatomy. But also a way of exploring and getting deeper into terms like life, death, or evolution".

I like the idea of the artisan becoming the artist. The artisan has attained certain skills to which has dedicated many hours of mechanical work. He is rooted in a very specific knowledge of his craft, which evolves and gives strength to his artwork. This is achieved through discipline in his work. I regard the artist as someone explosive and impulsive in terms of creativity but also introspective, patient, and skilled while working.

I enjoy my work as something coming from inside of me. I consider drawing to be the key tool in my creations. Much of the time in my work the concept is related to and ruled by the line. I give significant importance to the “physical” intention of the form and line.

I view nature as magic in its fullest capacity. Nature can do miracles when medicine and technology cannot. Because of this, I consider nature as my main source of inspiration separate from man and his technological achievements.


  • Categories: Animal, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Other
  • Materials: Other
  • Location: Europe