• Layered memories of conflict 5

    Alison Lochhead, Layered memories of conflict 5, Mixed media, 2.5 metres high x 7 metres x 7 metres

  • Fragment 3

    Alison Lochhead, Fragment 3, Mixed media, 1.7 metres high x 35 cm x 20 cm

  • Abandonment

    Alison Lochhead, Abandonment , cast iron and shoes, 10 cm high x 45 cm x 35 cm

  • Plynlimmon mine memories

    Alison Lochhead, Plynlimmon mine memories, Lead mine materials, earth, clay and cast iron, 200 cm high x 40 cm wide x 20 cm deep

Alison Lochhead MRBS

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The sculptures and prints work with the fragmentation of memory and witness of injustices. Alison works with materials from the earth; iron, clay, rocks, oxides. In the kiln and foundry materials draw together, reject each other; a story is told.

Alison Lochhead reflects upon the memory of actions and experiences of people over time; such as conflicts, migrations, mining industry. The earth retains the marks made by humans and the memory of their presence and the injustices inflicted. Each person’s memory and experience is different and only parts remain, there is no ‘wholeness’, only fragments, but when different memories are pieced together they make a collective reflection and memory. Alison works with different materials, all integral from the earth and with their own strengths and reaction to heat and to each other. In the kiln alchemy takes place as the various materials are drawn together or reject each other, they are transformed.  The reaction of the molten iron onto the ceramic, wood, and other materials is equally unknown. Memories are fragile and transitory; as is much of Alison’s work. A current project is working with astronomers responding to their research.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Political/Religious
  • Materials: Mixed media, Ceramic/Clay, Metal (other)
  • Location: Wales