• Over the Moon, 3/12, 2012

    Alison Bell, Over the Moon, 3/12, 2012 , Bronze on Ancaster Stone , 39 x 32 x 28 cm incl. base

  • Ayrton Senna

    Alison Bell, Ayrton Senna , Bronze , 42 x 33 x 26 cm

  • World on a string 1

    Alison Bell, World on a string 1, Bronze

Alison Bell MRBS

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Alison Bell is a Scottish figurative sculptor.

Alison Bell’s latest collection of work is loosely entitled Wee Souls - a series of small and life size bronzes which celebrate the freedom of childhood - a time when we lived to the very edge of our bodies, unfettered by adult sensibilities or decorum,  free to play in our own imaginations.

  • Categories: Portraiture, Architectural/Monumental/Relief, Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Fiberglass/Plastic/Resin, Metal (other)
  • Location: Scotland