• Austrich

    Alice AL-Khatib, Austrich , mixed media ( Gypsm and polyester ), 45cm X 75cm X 20cm

  • Untitled

    Alice AL-Khatib, Untitled , 55cm X 50cm X 20cm

  • Giraff

    Alice AL-Khatib, Giraff , 60cm X 37cm X 18cm

  • Happy Vallentine

    Alice AL-Khatib, Happy Vallentine , 40cm X 80cm X 30cm

Alice AL-Khatib Bursary

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Alice Al Khatib is a Syrian artist born in Damascus in 1982. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts majoring in Sculpture in 2005 from Damascus University. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Damascus and Beirut.

“The duality of human psyche and the contradiction between its transcendental humanitarian
standards and brutal behavior reveals itself in wars and conflicts”. This thought has been
recently occupying my work. The eternal struggle that permeates the layers of the complex
human psyche has pushed me to deform human and animalistic figures, whereas the physical
deformation is a reflection of a mental distortion and brutal instinctive attitude.
The mass is in a state of inner conflict and anxiety on both levels: the internal and the
physical, and this is the reason why it is revealed as tough as it is. My sculptures are a product
of layers and accumulations of the behavioral complexity of human psyche, a psyche that is
unbalanced and seeking for an equilibrium point : The previous observations pushed me to an
experimental process through materials and masses. In these experiments the conflict reveals
itself in physical dimensions; my implementation of gypsum gives to the complex layers
another dimension and helps in preserving the simultaneous impression due to the
vulnerability and at the same time the flexibility of the material. This makes the sculpture go
through periods of construction and destruction processes. In addition to this, the use of
materials such as nails, the praxis of leaving parts of the metallic structure revealed during the
work as well as the interruption of colours as a form of reducing the brutality represent a
sarcastic approach towards the tragedy.
My forced displacement and the subsequent lack of high quality material has pushed me to
deepen this idea of struggle in the most practical aspect of my work, experimenting new
unpredictable materials. This has created a strong and meaningful connection with the idea
that has been nurturing and shaping my art practice.

  • Categories: Animal, Other, Conceptual
  • Materials: Mixed media, Fiberglass/Plastic/Resin, Iron
  • Location: East Midlands