• Self Employed

    Alex Chinneck, Self Employed , London brick, mortar, steel, smoke, 250 x 250 x 60 cm

  • Straight Jacket Star Jumps

    Alex Chinneck, Straight Jacket Star Jumps , Norbord OSB, wax crayon, polish, 244 x 244 x 3 cm

  • Live Work

    Alex Chinneck, Live Work , 112 pieces of concrete paving slab, 360 x 180 x 5 cm

  • Driftwood

    Alex Chinneck, Driftwood , Maple sycamore, fumed oak, steel, fibreglass, 120 cm diameter sprocket, chain, 180 x 240 x 120 cm

Alex Chinneck MRBS

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Alex Chinneck's large-scale sculptures manipulate industrial materials beyond their apparent capacity, transcending their material nature.

Alex Chinneck’s large-scale artworks remove everyday construction materials from their utilitarian context and enter them into theatrical situations. His work often explores the illusory element of sculpture and employs clever engineering to perform visual tricks that mystify the viewer. Using contemporary methods of fabrication Chinneck attempts to make work that is unconcerned with creative disciplines and co-exists across the realms of art, design and architecture. 

Since graduating form Chelsea College of Art and Design, the London based artist continues to produce kinetic and wall-hung sculptures. He is the founder of The Sculpture House, an artist-run project that commission’s emerging sculptors to produce limited edition items of furniture.

  • Categories: Kinetic/Mobile
  • Materials: Brick/Concrete/Plaster
  • Location: London