About Us

We are an independent artist led organisation that promotes high professional and creative standards among sculptors/artists and is committed to making the full range of contemporary practice accessible to all.

The governing body, between the Annual General Meetings, is the elected Council; members of which are Trustees of the registered charity (212513) and Directors of the Company (83239).

Chaired by the President, the Council consists of the Vice President, the Treasurer and up to 9 others. Up to three of whom can be drawn from other professions and are not required to be sculptors. All members are elected for a term of three years.

The Council meets a minimum of four times a year and is responsible for defining the strategic vision, policy, procedures and programme and reviewing its progress. Council delegates implementation to a small team of staff and volunteers led by the Director, who is the Company Secretary and advises Council but is not a member of it. The officers and Director meet to review finance and development matters between formal Council meetings as required.

Membership of the RBS is selective and the sculptor members of Council meet before the full Council to review applications and select new members.

Council is also supported by other committees that advise on key aspects of the Society’s work and include a mix of skills and professions.