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Napoleon Garden

For it's biannual collaboration with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea the RBS is delighted to be able to offer female members of the Society the chance to exhibit an outdoor work in Napoleon Garden, Holland Park, London W8, for roughly 18 month period. 

The outdoor space has mainly shown the work of male sculptors for the past 100 years and is now seeking to redress the balance by exhibiting works celebrating the contribution of female sculptors.

Entering the fifth year of the collaboration in 2016 exhibitiors are:

2016 - Helaine Blumenfeld OBE FRBS, Meridiana

2015 - Julia Vance MRBS, HOLD  

2014 - Almuth Tebbenhoff FRBS, Sunset

2013 - Sinta Tantra, The Eccentricity of Zero

2012 - Diane Maclean FRBS, Place of Reflection


The reasonable costs of transport, installation, insurance, promotion and a small opening are offered. 

In order to facilitate transportation, installation etc, please note that:

•         No single piece of sculpture should weigh more than 1000kg

•         No single piece should be larger than 2.4m in width or height  

Please see a site map including dimensions here.