Eight in the South, Three in the North.

22 January 2015 - 17 February 2015

Exhibition : Alaleh Alamir "Eight in the South, Three in the North" 22 january - 17 february 2015, in Galerie Depardieu, Nice, FR. "Alaleh Alamir, for her first solo exhibit with Galerie Depardieu, is sharing with us the fruits of her life journey and communion with Nature. The garden, a central theme in all aspects of her native persian culture, is combined here with that of the "Nymphs of Paradise" (Hooriane Beheshti). The same concept can be found in greek mythology as the Garden of the Hesperides; the Hesperides are sunset Nymphs who guard the garden. Making these cross-cultural correspondences are basic to her approach to life since her early childhood. During her many travels, she has gleaned organic elements from various parts of the world, capturing each time fragments from her encounters with Nature. These constituent elements, embedded into plaster and resins through a long technical process, make up her vision of the Garden of the Hesperides (Baghe Hooriane Ferdows). By inviting us into her garden, Alaleh Alamir somehow substitutes herself for these pluri-cultural Nymphs and welcomes us in the midst of a dream which has been pursuing her all her life... Probably waiting for a Hercules to pick the golden apples of this fabulous garden... Her presentation in the form of an installation, fits perfectly the culmination of a project begun long ago. A lyrical and poetic view of nature and life."




The Still Centre of the Turning World

1 September 2014 - 1 September 2015

Dick Onians' new piece “The Still Centre of the Turning World” commissioned for New Capital Quay, Greenwich Reach, descends from a line of sculptures that explore overlapping forms. The spherical shape is a reference to the globe. The form of the piece with its equator, longitudinal features and tilt allude to the work’s location near the Greenwich Mean and Greenwich’s historic role as a centre for navigation and worldwide trade. The title highlights the idea of mystery at the center of things and our ability to see our own reflection on the inside implicates us in the central mystery.





8 July 2014 - 30 September 2015

The bronze sculpture was made in Liverpool and symbolizes human struggle to achieve excellence, pushing boundaries to make the impossible possible. Bushra first began work on Dunamis in December 2012, which measure approx 9 meters high. Location: Achillies Way, Park Lane.




Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, Oslo

26 September 2013 - 31 December 2015

A new sculpture park, Ekebergparken, on the outskirts of Oslo, hosts 64 sculptures by international artists, including British artists and RBS members Sean Henry FRBS, Diane Maclean FRBS, George Cutts FRBS and Richard Hudson MRBS. Created by art collector and philanthropist Christian Ringnes, the park, sited on wooded slopes over looking the sea was opened on 27 September 2013 to a crowd of hundreds.




Golden Rain, Michael Petry, FRBS

26 April 2013 - 31 December 2016

This large scale mirrored glass installation has just been given by Donna MacMillan to the Palm Springs Art Museum for their permanent collection. It consists of 100 large sealed bottles suspended down 3 floors in their main entrance to the collection. Each bottle contain a work/message by another artist who I invited to participate in the original project commissioned by Ha gamle prestegard for Stavanger 2008 - when it was European City of Culture. The work was originally installed in a 6 story lighthouse and recalls the classical story of Zeus and Danae, where in order to have her he turns himself into a shower of gold.

Rest of the World