• Citizen (2015)

    Tim Sandys, Citizen (2015), 200 iron-coated MDF containers containing unique contents - each attached to undersides of civilian vehicles by night - later recovered or unaccounted for., variable

  • Don't Look Down (2013)

    Tim Sandys, Don't Look Down (2013), polyester resin, iron, 128 x 118 x 66cm

  • Flightplan (2015)

    Tim Sandys, Flightplan (2015), birch, elastic, resin, iron, steel, cymbals, felt, vinyl , 288 x 136 x 136cm

  • Untitled Action (2015)

    Tim Sandys, Untitled Action (2015), £300,000 counterfeit currency distributed around Glasgow city infrastructure.

Tim Sandys Bursary

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Tim Sandys is based in Glasgow, Scotland. associates his work with societal and civic structures. Using actions and interventions, he carefully identifies points of strain, failure or tension within city experience and exploits them.

The application of Sandys’ working methods reflect ethnographic or qualitative research without proselytising or conclusion and instead push for a sense of resolute vitality, rigour and rhythm.

Primarily, Sandys employs actions and interventions blended with a sculptural poetic that promotes an exercise in empathy in the face of impersonal civilian emptiness. These actions and subsequent artefacts tackle the unspoken ‘impossibility’ of one’s comfortable placement within communal existence or the negated status of the individual functioning in a societal context. His methods of researching and exploiting are as naturally communicative and empowering as much as they are provocative. This is simultaneously flirting with deviance and empathy.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Other, Conceptual
  • Materials: Mixed media, Found Objects, Iron
  • Location: Scotland