•  secrets1, glass, copper and secrets, aprox. 12x13cm

    Tete de Alencar, secrets1, glass, copper and secrets, aprox. 12x13cm

  • * bronze and wax

    Tete de Alencar, * bronze and wax

  • Lamb4

    Tete de Alencar, Lamb4

  • Sculpter cealing

    Tete de Alencar, Sculpter cealing

Tete de Alencar MRBS

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I am a multmedia artist who like to explore all types of materials

In my work, I have tried to combine techniques and materials such as glass, copper, paper, acrylic, textiles, and plastic in ways that create a tension within the whole piece and a dilemma for the viewer.
A recent series of work entitled Secrets include texts engraved on copper and encapsulated in blown glass sculptures to create an elegant completeness.
The viewer is presented with a crisis - an eternal triangle of which only two sides are visible until they create the third side in the mind.
Much of my work refers to absence. Shadows (drawings of the shadow of lost sculptures), Secrets (personal details hidden within a glass sculpture), Cinderella Flash (the ‘model’ in the posh frock obscured by the flash of the camera), and how Truth is often deliberately obscured by distracting more comfortable appearance.

  • Categories: Conceptual
  • Materials: Mixed media
  • Location: London