• Mother and Child

    Rosemary Barnett, Mother and Child, Bronze, 46cmH x 40cmW

  • Quaker Service Memorial @ National Memorial Arboretun

    Rosemary Barnett, Quaker Service Memorial @ National Memorial Arboretun, Stone & Bronze, 8m x 2m

  • Doubting Thomas

    Rosemary Barnett, Doubting Thomas, York Stone , 6ft high

  • St. Giles

    Rosemary Barnett, St. Giles , Corsehill Sandstone , 2 ft high

Rosemary Barnett FRBS

I am a figurative stone and wood carver.

Influenced by my professor, Arnold Machin at the Royal Academy Schools, I began my career working in clay for firing and casting. For the past 25 years I have used stone and wood.

  • Categories: Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Granite/Marble/Stone, Wood/Paper
  • Location: East Midlands