• Piano

    Richard Farrington, Piano, Steel and Stainless, Full size Grand

  • Circle on huntcliff cleveland

    Richard Farrington, Circle on huntcliff cleveland, Steel, 3.0m diameter

  • Chihouse

    Richard Farrington, Chihouse, Chrome plated steel, 0.6 x 0.3 m

  • Jackstar Portsmouth

    Richard Farrington, Jackstar Portsmouth, Steel and plastic float, Big

Richard Farrington MRBS

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Unbroken chain of practice since 1984. Involved in public art and now developing my own work making sculptures in bronze and steel

My work forms an unbroken chain since 1984 that has involved me in large scale public commissions as well as exhibitions of experimental sculpture. I am now drawn more and more towards free form pieces that explore areas beyond pre-conception through making smaller pieces in bronze and steel for exhibition. The current project, (late 2014), involves the creation of a memorial sculpture in bronze that will contain ashes working in close consultation with the client . As well as learning more about working in bronze I am planning to continue pushing personal boundaries in steel for exhibitions in 2015 as well as following other leads in the public realm.
To keep the inspiration flowing I find that riding bicycles downhill as fast as possible balances the slower activities in the studio and keeps me in tune.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Political/Religious
  • Materials: Bronze, Steel, Wood/Paper
  • Location: South East