• This Much I'm Worth (The self-evaluating artwork)

    Rachel Ara, This Much I'm Worth (The self-evaluating artwork), Digital - Neon, Cold Cathode,Electronics and WIFI , 60 x 60 x 23 cm

  • D.O.A.M IV (The Death of Ana Mendieta)

    Rachel Ara, D.O.A.M IV (The Death of Ana Mendieta), Projected CAD model., Gallery Projection Width 200 cm

  • Cocksure ( is anything ever what it seems? )

    Rachel Ara, Cocksure ( is anything ever what it seems? ), Digital C-Type Print on Aluminium. , 126 x 62 cm

  • Bankers Shoes (Latent Pattern Evidence II)

    Rachel Ara, Bankers Shoes (Latent Pattern Evidence II), Assemblage - Shoes, Carved Lino & Mirrors, 30 x 36 x 18 cm

Rachel Ara MRBS

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Conspiracies of silence, hidden agendas and their repercussions, particularly the inequalities faced by women in our culture, are the driving forces behind Ara's work.

Conceptual and data artist Rachel Ara graduated with a Fine Art BA from Goldsmiths College, London, where she won the prestigious Burston award. 

Ara was the winner of the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 for “This Much I’m Worth”, the self-evaluating artwork. Pulling on her experiences as a computer system designer, the digital sculpture draws on data and complex algorithms to calculate its own value in real time.

Her work is nonconformist with a socio-political edge that often incorporates humour and irony with feminist and queer concerns. 

Ara has just been shortlisted for the forthcoming Lumen Prize for her work D.O.A.M IV (The Death of Ana Mendieta).

She currently lives and works in London.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Digital/Light/Sound, Conceptual
  • Materials: Mixed media, Wood/Paper, Other
  • Location: London