• This Integrate

    Jo Taylor, This Integrate, Porcelain, Height 55cm

  • Equivalence iii,2015

    Jo Taylor, Equivalence iii,2015, Porcelain, Height 33cm

  • Liverpool links iii, 2016 wall hung

    Jo Taylor, Liverpool links iii, 2016 wall hung, Porcelain, Height 33cm x 32 x 5

  • Jo Taylor Cadence ii, 2016

    Jo Taylor, Jo Taylor Cadence ii, 2016, Porcelain, Height 44cm x 37 x 15

Jo Taylor MRBS

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Ceramic sculpture influenced by ornament.

Inspiration comes from decorative architectural features such as ornate plaster ceilings, elaborate wrought iron, stone facades and carved wood. Elements such as the grand gesture present in large scale relief, the drama of deep shadow, the way in which ornament enhances a space and works alongside function is explored through a combination of ceramic techniques.

A potter’s wheel is used to make individual elements; the speed of the wheel is used to create marks that suggest direction and energy. Combined with hand crafted pieces they are joined together to create a unique sculpture. The construction process is organic – there is no specific plan; joining and adding is an ongoing process and the work slowly evolves with each addition until a decision is made to stop.

  • Categories: Abstract
  • Materials: Ceramic/Clay
  • Location: South West