• Dutch Cloud

    Desmond Brett, Dutch Cloud, Steel, resin, plaster, scrim & paint

  • Puff

    Desmond Brett, Puff, Steel, plaster, scrim & iron weighting powder

  • Vaux

    Desmond Brett, Vaux, Steel, paint & fabric

  • The Keeper

    Desmond Brett, The Keeper, Found farm sign & photographs

Desmond Brett MRBS

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Sculptures evolved from experiences, observations and speculative drawing.

My sculpture seems to exist as several approaches rather than a singular line of inquiry and I probably operate somewhere between the representational and the abstract.
The sketchbook is important to me as my ‘studio’ and the graphic forms and images I make are then attempted in three dimensions.
I am interested in graphic depictions of ephemeral or transient things such as cartoons or ceramic designs and the solid material descriptions of these.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Other
  • Materials: Brick/Concrete/Plaster, Found Objects, Other
  • Location: Yorkshire and the Humber