Clare Burnett PRBS

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Clare Burnett makes pared down, abstract artworks which respond to the context in which they are placed. Her aim is to encourage people to engage visually and conceptually with the spaces and issues around them.

Clare works predominantly on site specific sculptures and installations, each work a direct response to the history and visual language of its location. Her sculptures frequently appear in clusters or groups which play with perspective and scale. Integral to these sculptures is her use of colour. In delicate lines or flat planes, she has explored how a colour or material – or rather our perception of it – changes with context, how small variations in tone will bring a line to the fore or settle it into its surroundings.

In her two most recent solo exhibitions, Pink at William Benington Gallery, and Improvisations at the School of Design, University of Leeds, Clare has developed a new process way of working. A sense of play has entered her practice, replacing some but not all of the formal minimalism of her previous works. Found and adapted items are arranged alongside carefully crafted objects, giving a sense of three dimensional collage. Chance and improvisation play a key role in these new sculptures, imbuing them with a sense of freedom and fun.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Conceptual
  • Materials: Wood/Paper, Other, Metal (other)
  • Location: London