• Dreamboats, 2010

    Alice Cunningham, Dreamboats, 2010 , Found wood, 3 x boats approx 2m long

  • Suit Cubes, 2008

    Alice Cunningham, Suit Cubes, 2008 , Installation and performance, 20 buisness suits, 20 x buisness suits 0.3m cubed

  • 90% Water, 2006

    Alice Cunningham, 90% Water, 2006 , Sound and Water, 2 x 2 x 2 m

  • Earth, moon and stars, 2006

    Alice Cunningham, Earth, moon and stars, 2006 , Earth, 1.5 x 1.3 m

Alice Cunningham MRBS

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Cunningham has a very diverse practice; each artwork uses different materials to explore ideas around what we are doing on this crazy planet.

“I believe that art has the power to provoke positive social change or awaken a shift in an audiences perception. This assertion drives my practice.
Through an understanding of materiality and form I feel you are able to evoke a pure individual perception on a very base, instinctive level. This is a massive intent in my work, to try and speak through materials. As is the simple desire to produce a gasp in the viewer.
A lot of my work has dealt with highlighting basic natural process as a mirror to the cogs of our existence in a greater sense and discuss at the artificial complexities of our modern world.”
Cunningham Currently lives and works in London. She has exhibited all over the UK and worked with artists in Spain, Mexico and Zambia. She was shortlisted in 2010 to represent the UK in the first Young Artists Biennial.

  • Categories: Water
  • Materials: Mixed media
  • Location: London